Academic Results

Our students show tremendous growth over time. By the time students leave 8th grade, 75% test at or above proficient in both reading and math.


While our middle school students take 4 years to catch up, our Kindergarten students read on grade level by the end of their first year at KIPP with 59% of students reading above grade level.

Kindergarten Reading

KIPP Philadelphia opened a high school in 2010 making their five year graduation rate unavailable until spring 2015. However, for the first three cohorts of KIPP alumni, the five year graduation rate is 94%

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KIPP Philadelphia Schools alumni won’t be old enough to measure five year graduation rates  from college until spring 2016.   Of our first three cohorts, 67% have matriculated to college, and of those who have matriculated, 90% are persisting.  Nationally, KIPP alums graduate from college at more than 4x the rate of their low-income peers.

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